Below you may find the answers to frequently asked questions:

What is the minimal net value of a wholesale order?
Net PLN 1000.

Is this obligatory for the products to be ordered in larger quantities per one model?
Everybody may buy any amount ad whatever s/he wants. An order may even consist of single units of a given model, provided that the total value of the order exceeds the minimal value. We do not impose the sizes, amount, mixes, etc. on you.

How should I place the order?
Orders should be placed via e-mail to the abovementioned addresses. Customers are asked to include in their e-mails the manufacturer’s code, brief description of the product and particular sizes and needed amounts. We would also like to ask for enclose the particulars on the company, phone number and forwarding address should they be different then those stated at registration.


How many days after the confirmation of the order do you dispatch the product?
The time limit for the realisation of the order usually reaches 3 business days.

What is the shipping cost of a wholesale order?
Shipping costs are dependent on the destination country. The cost of dispatching a package weighing up to 30 kg amounts to within the European Union is about 20 Euro. The cost of making pallets is in the range 80-150Euro. The details please inquire by e-mail. Preferred contact language is English.

Who may purchase at the wholesale price?
The purchase may be made by all customers, provided that the order exceeds the minimal value. We do not require providing any company registration documents.

Have you got a price list, a catalogue?
The price list is available in an electronic form. To download it, click HERE
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Is there a possibility to see the products at the company’s office?
A display for the wholesale customers is to be found at our office. All interested customers are asked to visit us upon the earlier phone contact, due to a large amount of orders and previously planned tasks. We work from Monday to Friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

What are the possible payment methods for the wholesale purchases?
In case of personal collection of the products we accept only cash. In the event of the order being dispatched by means of a courier company, it is possible only to pay by a money transfer.

Is it possible to negotiate the wholesale prices?
We pursue a policy of equal terms for everybody, thus there is no possibility of negotiations.

Are the goods original?
We guarantee that each product sold by us is new and of legal origin. All products come from legal sources, i.e. directly from the manufacturers, sales, production and warehousing surpluses, etc.

What kinds of permits granted by the proprietors of such trademarks as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Everlast, Lonsdale are necessary to sale their brand garments?
It is NOT NECESARRY to have any additional permit to resell the products bought in our store. You may sell the goods on the bazaar, market, in a local shop as well in a mall.


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