1. All elements to be found on the website, in particular the text, photographs and graphic materials are the private property of Hurtownia Odzieży Sportowej OUTLET company with all the copyrights reserved. Full or partial copying and publication without our written consent is prohibited and shall be subject to legal privilege.
  2. Our price list as well as all evaluations of the product prices conducted by us upon your request do not constitute a commercial offer according to the meaning stipulated by the Civil Code and shall be regarded only as a proposal to enter into negotiations. We reserve the right to: reject incorrectly or partially completed order forms, alternations to the prices and amount of products offer by the wholesale store during the day,
    •  remove certain products from the offer,
    •  alternations to the prices and amount of products in the offer of the wholesale store during the day,
    •  remove certain products from the offer,
    •  conduct and cancel all kinds of promotion and sale-out actions at any time.
  3. We guarantee that each product sold by us is new and of legal origin. All goods come from a legal source, i.e. directly from the manufacturer, from sale outs, production and warehouse surpluses, etc. The outlet offer, due to its specific character, is characterised by high changeability and is not dependent on us.
  4. Under the currently effective law, we inform that Hurtownia Odzieży Sportowej OUTLET company is an importer (introducing into turnover on the territory of the Republic of Poland) of clothes, footwear and accessories sold by it. The purchaser conducting further reselling is obliged to properly designate the products compliant with the governing provisions and requirements of the Polish Trading Standards Association.
  5. All complaints regarding the amount of the commodities (their lack) is considered by us if they are lodged before the lapse of 2 days from the date of collecting the goods. In the event that upon the receipt of the package the customer wishes to return it, s/he may send off the goods within the time-limit of 10 days from the day of receipt of the goods. The sent off products should be accompanied by the enclosed filled out ‘Product Return Document’ and a copy of the bill/invoice with the appropriate items marked. The reimbursement of costs for the retuned goods shall take place upon our receipt of the signed copy of the correcting invoice. The only possible form of costs reimbursement is a money transfer to a bank account. The money shall be sent within 5 days.
      PRODUCT RETURN DOCUMENT – click here to download
    Please remember that the products purchased within mix are not subject to return. Moreover, if at the moment of purchase you are granted a discount resulting from exceeding a given amount cap and upon the return this amount is decreased to a level not legible to discounting, the value of the transfer to be made to your account shall be decreased by the aforementioned discount. 
  6. The specified brands, products, services and titles used on this website are applied only for information purposes, present the brands we sell and are the property of their legitimate proprietors. The content of the website serves only the presentation of the offer of Hurtownia Odzieży Sportowej OUTLET company.
  7. Our website may include information that is out-of-date or inaccurate, the stated information may be altered or updated without previous notice. The proprietor of the website shall not be responsible for the losses or damage arising from the unintentional errors to be found on the website.
  8. In the matters not governed by these Regulations the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply. The competent court to decide all disputes, where amicable settlement is impossible, shall be the court of the proper venue serving the address of our company (Gdynia).
  9. Each customer purchasing in our store accepts the principles of cooperation specified herein.

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The listed reserved brands, products, services and titles used on this website are the property of their legitimate proprietors.

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